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Just to give a quick update on Samus and her new home – I’ve been receiving pics and text messages from Sister-in-Law, like with the bandanas and whatnot. (Of course Samus has different colored bandanas every day to feel special. Heaven forbid she should wear the same one all the time.)

So I was sent a picture of Samus curled under some blankets, with the information that when the teen daughter has to work late at night, her mother tucks Samus into bed with a warmed-up corn bag so she won’t get too cold.

I’m starting to feel like I was a bad puppy parent.

And I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t come home with me now if I begged her.

But you know what? I’m thrilled that she is being so spoiled and loved, because if there was ever a dog that deserved such a wonderful, loving family, it’s Samus. She gets to go for truck rides with dad, hang out with mom during the day and snuggle with daughter at night. She must be in absolute heaven right now, so thankfully I made the right decision.


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I made a very difficult decision last month. A decision that was life-changing (for me, anyway).

When Husband and I planned our trip to the Mid-West a couple of weeks ago to see some of his family, I had no idea what would be put in front of me. Husband, Mother-in-Law and I traveled there with two dogs…and we came back with only one.

You see, as I’ve mentioned before, Husband and I are in the process of moving. And by “in the process” I mean that we sold our house, but have no other house to move into yet. We had several different houses picked out, and every single one of them fell through. The most recent, however, was the most difficult, as we were ready to purchase the house and were informed only days before closing that the loan had fallen through. Thus we have been indulging on the kindness of a friend of ours, who has been letting us live in his house while he is trying to sell it. (He’s already moved, so it’s just been empty.) However, because he is trying to sell it, our dog and cat could not be inside the house, which meant they had to be stuck in the large pens/kennels that we brought with us. Diddy (the cat) is not so bothered about it, but Samus?

Well, it was pretty much torture for her given how much she loves to play and be with people.

I exercised her as often as my schedule would allow, but I missed having her inside the house with me while I took care of basic household needs. It just wasn’t the same, and while I was willing to make this sacrifice for a couple of months, we were supposed to be in a house by now. With the most recent loan falling through, we have absolutely no idea where we’re going to end up. Suddenly, my poor puppy was looking at being stuck in a kennel all the time for a minimum of 3-6 months.

It certainly wasn’t planned, but when we visited some of Husband’s family over in Illinois, we were introduced to some good friends of theirs who had a teenage daughter. The daughter, a senior this year, is an animal-lover through and through and couldn’t stop playing with Samus and the large golden retriever owned by Husband’s sister.

Long story short, I watched as this family fell in love with Samus, even begging us to let her stay for a little longer one evening when we visited their house. As we drove away that night, I felt a tug in my heart. One that I honestly didn’t want to listen to, because it meant sacrificing my own happiness for that of my pet. But deep down I knew the answer.

I was supposed to offer Samus to this family.

She would have 200 acres to run around and play on, and a family who absolutely adores her. Her life would never be without love, so as painful as it was on my end, I gave her to the ones who could provide a stability for her that I simply couldn’t right now. Won’t lie, I cried for a full day after letting her go. Even now, I can’t think too long on it or I start to tear up yet again.

Thankfully, the family has been kind enough to keep me posted on her progress, which has helped ease some of the hurt. I know that sometimes when we love something, even if it’s simply a pet, we have to think about what’s best for them and not just what we want for ourselves. Ultimately, I wanted her to be happy, whether that was with me or with someone else.

I miss my pup. There are days when I wish that I could have her curl up next to me on the couch, that I could throw the tennis ball for her one more time (and I never thought I would miss that). But it was the right thing to do. I know it.


Toys everywhere? Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’ll be juuuust fine….


Why did I never think to put her in a bandana!? So cute!

Miss you, Samus girl. But I’m glad you’re truly happy.

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One of the benefits to rural living is that you have the whole outdoors at your beck and call. For us, it’s practically on our back door. Husband and I had been pretty busy lately, which meant that our furry friends were stuck in the kennel quite a bit, much to their chagrin. Saturday we decided it was time for a play day and took them a few miles out of town to the small river that eventually meets up with city limits. Okay, so it’s more of a creek by the time it actually reaches town, but still.

Give this dog a creek and a tennis ball and life is good.

Give this dog a creek and a tennis ball and life is good.

I took this as an opportunity to get a few pictures. (I don’t have kids, so these are my furbabies, okay?) Samus was in seventh heaven, being part lab and thus part water dog. She dove straight in the river for her tennis ball, thrilled to be outside. She loves to run, but she tends to lope along, just happy to be playing. Thus I was able to get a few cute shots of her.



Gretchen was excited, too, but mainly to explore new areas and sniff out any birds. One thing I’ve seen with these two, there is a big difference between a working dog and a pet. Gretchen is all business and doesn’t really grasp the concept of “playing,” and Samus doesn’t understand anything but “play.”

While both have plenty of energy, Gretchen is a hyped-up, crazy sauce speed demon when she’s let loose. Husband actually has to keep a whistle on hand because she’ll run out of earshot of his voice within a matter of seconds. Thus no matter how hard I tried, most of the pictures of her turned out like this:


And this:


And that’s why the majority of the photos in our albums are either of Samus or the cats. Because after a while, I just give up.

I will say, though, as frustrating as they can be at times, we’re pretty lucky to have such adorable dogs.

Samus waiting expectantly to play more fetch.

Samus waiting expectantly to play more fetch.

Good gravy, she actually sat still long enough not to be a blur in my photo.

Good gravy, she actually sat still long enough not to be a blur in my photo.

Simple pleasures are indeed the best ones.

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Boy. *dusts off blog* It’s been a little while, eh? Sadly, my lungs succumbed to the steaming pile of poo that is known as bronchitis the last few weeks. It’s stupid, quite frankly. I’ve never touched a cigarette in my life, don’t have asthma, don’t have major allergies, and yet it pounced upon me like a lion on a decrepit wildebeest. I was actually sick enough that I couldn’t even write, which just about KILLED me. I had at least four days of nothing but time, and no energy or creative juices whatsoever. SUCK.

(On a slightly side note, I haven’t forgotten book two of the Prince of Light series. I have a standalone book that I’m desperately working to finish because it looks like the market is sort of swinging in that direction. I don’t want to miss out on a potential trend with an agent, so I’m finishing that book up first, then coming back to book two. Sorry to be lame…)

In other news, being sick meant I got to spend lots of time with my cats. Diddy (short for Sir Didymus) was my bodyguard for most of it, though Ludo got his fair share in as well. Diddy is a spastic dork most of the time, yet he can be quite loving when he chooses. He’s kind of like a dog in many ways. I mean, he even sleeps with the dogs:



People can’t seem to tell the different between Ludo and Diddy right away because they look really similar. They have slightly different colors, but until you actually see them next to each other and know them, it’s easy to get confused. Thus I’ve provided three handy ways to know how to tell the difference between Ludo and Diddy! So helpful, I know.

-Number One-

Ludo is super cute when he sleeps, usually curled up beneath a sunbeam:

Soft sunlight make for a happy kitteh.

Soft sunbeams make for a happy kitteh.

Then there’s Diddy:



-Number Two-

Ludo is inquisitive and sweet, even when a camera is shoved in his face.

What's that, Mom?

What’s that, Mom?

Diddy lacks a certain sophistication when it comes to his close-ups:



-Number Three-

Ludo is laid-back and easy-going:

How do you not love this cat?

How do you not love this cat?

Diddy is…well, Diddy:



*sigh* He may be a cute moron, but he’s a moron nonetheless. His cuteness has saved him on more than one occasion, particularly after he’s torn up yet ANOTHER roll of paper towels. But at least now if you ever get a chance to meet Ludo and Sir Didymus, you will be able to tell them apart. (Take notes, people, there will be a quiz.)

To make up for my complete lack of posting for the last month, I leave you with an adorable photo of a sleeping boxer/bulldog puppy.


You’re welcome.

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My Labyrinth Pets

We have a new furry addition to our family. A couple from our church was looking for a good home for one of their kittens, so we ended up taking him. It’s funny, because he looks really similar to Ludo, my older cat, just miniature. I told Husband that Ludo got to be the deciding factor. (The poor boy is thirteen years old, after all. He should have some say in the matter.) Well, he still doesn’t care for the kitten, but Husband was already attached by that point. Thus Ludo has had to learn some patience. 

imagesAfter watching their tumultuous beginning, I decided to change the kitten’s name to Sir Didymus. Fellow geeks or ‘80’s lovers would recognize Ludo’s name as the giant monster from Labyrinth. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll remember Sir Didymus as the little fox terrier who happens to be the guardian of the bridge that leads out of the Bog of Eternal Stench. He’s fearless and stubborn, and at one point, giant Ludo tries to get past him only to be clobbered by the tiny fellow. 

That pretty much sums up my cat Ludo and the new kitten’s relationship perfectly.

The kitten usually thinks Ludo is trying to play. Just like his namesake, he’s fearless. When Ludo takes a swipe at him, the kitten tends to lunge back, causing Ludo to panic and run the other direction. It’s pretty hilarious, actually. I hope that their relationship will end up more like Ludo and Sir Didymus at the end of the movie, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.

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Asleep was I, a slumber sweet,
With nary a need for defenses.
When suddenly, out from the blue,
Came an assault upon my senses.
“What evil is this?” cried I in disgust,
“And where did they get a dead body?”
No, ‘twas but a skunk trespassing along,
discovered by my own doggie.

Dear Husband was brave and stood at his ground,
Chasing away the foul vermin.
Alas not before the stench filled the house,
Including the room his wife stirred in.
“Tomato juice, quickly!” He moved with great haste,
Desperate to stamp out the smell.
For, as we all know, when it comes to a skunk
Only passing of time makes things well.
Imagine, dear reader, my shocking distress,
That the smell to which I was adverse,
Had followed me all the way to my workplace
And even was found my purse.

So run, little skunk, run as far as you can,
Lest you receive more than a sonnet
For ever should you come ‘round again,
I’ve got a .22 with your name on it.


Author’s Note: No actual skunks were harmed in the creation of this poem. Just FYI.

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When we bought our house, it had been vacant for nearly a year. Consequently, the yards are still basically weeds and dirt because we’ve been focusing our time and money (what little we have) on the inside of the house. (It’s older, so there’s a lot to be done. A lot. I get a headache just thinking about it.)

Well, it was just me and Samus this last weekend, so on Saturday I made sure that she was let out of the kennel enough to run around and get some energy out. Because there’s no actual grass and lots of interesting little things that dogs might want to consume that they really shouldn’t, we always have to keep an eye on both dogs while they’re outside. As I glanced out the window, I saw Samus slowly limping right in front of the dining room window.

I knew something had to be wrong, because this is how she normally is. Doggie smiles everywhere.

I knew something had to be wrong, because this is how she normally is. Doggie smiles everywhere.

“Great,” I thought. “Now what did she do to herself?” My dog fits well with me because she’s just as klutzy as her owner. I thought maybe she had fallen off the little brick wall we have in the back yard or something like that. I could see she was making her way to the sliding glass door, so I walked over and met her there. She slowly continued to limp up to the back door, giving me those big puppy eyes. It was kind of like a little kid who gets hurt and needs mom to kiss it better. I could see it was her back left leg that was bothering her, because once she had crawled inside the house, she stuck it up in my direction, like, “Ow. Make better, please.”

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s this little pack of evil. I don’t know what they’re called in other parts of the country, but we refer to them as goat heads here. This isn’t the same one that was stuck in Samus. I actually took a picture of this quite a while ago because I thought it looked like the helmet of an evil dark lord. Because I’m an author, that’s why.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s this little pack of evil. I don’t know what they’re called in other parts of the country, but we refer to them as goat heads here. This isn’t the same one that was stuck in Samus. I actually took a picture of this quite a while ago because I thought it looked like the helmet of an evil dark lord. Because I’m an author, that’s why.

I took hold of her leg and, sure enough, there was a goat head jammed up in the pad of her paw. (This is one of the many hazards of having no grass and only weeds. My own feet pay the consequences because the little buggers stick to the bottom of people’s shoes only to fall off in my carpet. My poor bare, unsuspecting tootsies are then assaulted with the pain of tiny barbs first thing in the morning when I’m not quite awake. THAT makes me happy, let me tell you. *snark*)

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, the dog. So I grabbed her paw and yanked it out in one fluid motion. She promptly covered me with doggy kisses, and I could almost hear her saying, “OMG YOU’RE MAGIC!” Tail wagging and full body wiggling commenced after that.

If she loved me before, she REALLY loves me now. *hero pose*

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