The Isle of Never – ANNOUNCMENT

It’s finally live!

After months of tweaks and making sure everything was formatted properly, I am VERY excited to announce that my young adult fantasy, The Isle of Never, is available through Amazon. (You can check it out here.)

This is a lighthearted, standalone fantasy that offers a little different perspective on the Peter Pan story. When a high school senior finds herself cast down to the Isle of Never, or Neverland, she’s met with a motley crew of pirates – including a rather dashing Captain Jameson Hawk, a man better known by the name “Hook.”

This was one of my favorite stories to write, and I hope readers enjoy it as much as I do. Part adventure, part romance, it sheds a different light on the fanciful island as well as the rogue pirates destined to roam it.

It was based on a dream that I had years ago, where basically the entire contents of chapters 2 and 3 took place. The dream was so vivid and the emotions so real that I immediately ran to my laptop and began typing as fast as I could, trying to remember everything. The rest of the story just poured forth from there.

Thank you all for your patience during this. While self-publishing is very rewarding in its own right, it is also a LOT of work. Sometimes I get frustrated at how much time it takes to get things right, but when I see the final result and hold it in my hands, it all feels worth it.

I hope you enjoy!


It’s Official!

Sorry to everyone who might have this cross-posted, but I’m so excited I can barely contain it! My book is officially available through Amazon. (As you can see by my lovely banner and sidebar. Overkill? Maybe.)



It’s thrilling to finally start living the dream. I’ve wanted to be a published author for years now. I’m roughly ten chapters into book two, which is a good start. My goal is to have that out sometime this year (2013).

What I’d like to do over the next few weeks or even months is do a profile for some of the main characters of the book. I guess it will partially depend on whether or not it garners any interest, but it would be fun for me! (And that’s all that really counts, right? Right?)

We had a great time down in California, as I mentioned in my earlier post. It’s really beautiful down there.

Bye, Mt. Shasta! It's been real.

Bye, Mt. Shasta! It’s been real.

I think driving by Mt. Shasta was one of the highlights for me. I had no idea it was so HUGE. But so pretty. I have a weakness for mountain ranges. I grew up just a matter of hours from the Cascades, so I always got to have them for a backdrop for road trips. I love them.

We even got to go to the coast!

Half Moon Bay lit up by the sunrise.

Half Moon Bay lit up by the sunrise.

We stayed at Half Moon Bay overnight, and it was simply gorgeous. I would love to go back. I sort of have a weakness for the beach, too. We often vacationed on the Oregon coastline as a family, so I was spoiled by that, too. This is only the third time I’ve been to the CA coast, though. I have yet to see a beach that I haven’t liked!

The coolest thing about my time off was being able to get my book online, by far. Yes, I enjoyed seeing family and meeting Husband’s friends, yes I enjoyed the beautiful drive and all the scenery, but having the chance to fulfill my dream was the best part. So what are you waiting for? If you like young adult medieval fantasies, go check it out! Heck, if you just like fantasy in general, go check it out. (I’m shameless, really. Shameless!)