So the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for me. I had to say goodbye to a precious friend, my sweet kitty Ludo. I’d had him nearly 9 years, which meant that he was pushing 15 in total.

It’s that decision that you never look forward to making.

I knew it was time. Poor guy was starting to having difficulty breathing, among other minor health issues. Even though I had braced myself, knowing it my heart that this was probably going to be my last year with him, I still felt the pain of his loss like a hammer to the chest. Two weeks later, I find myself tearing up when I come home and he isn’t at the door to greet me.

Thankfully I still have Diddy the Moron to keep me company. He’s not the same; no other cat ever will be. But he keeps the house from feeling too empty and lonely, and for that I am thankful.

I’ve had a hard time concentrating on anything, much less writing something creative. Thankfully, I’d finished the major rewrites of my standalone before this happened. I don’t think I could have made myself focus. I know that with loss comes grief. It’s a part of life, and something that we as humans need to accept. I’m trying to allow myself the time I need to grieve. I honestly didn’t realize how hard this was going to be for me.

But I will get through this, one day at a time. Though I miss my sweet cat so very much, I am thankful for the many years we shared together. He was my buddy during my “bachelorette” days, my companion when I was sick, and my often-needed comic relief.

Rest in peace, dear friend.


Of Sickness and Cats

Boy. *dusts off blog* It’s been a little while, eh? Sadly, my lungs succumbed to the steaming pile of poo that is known as bronchitis the last few weeks. It’s stupid, quite frankly. I’ve never touched a cigarette in my life, don’t have asthma, don’t have major allergies, and yet it pounced upon me like a lion on a decrepit wildebeest. I was actually sick enough that I couldn’t even write, which just about KILLED me. I had at least four days of nothing but time, and no energy or creative juices whatsoever. SUCK.

(On a slightly side note, I haven’t forgotten book two of the Prince of Light series. I have a standalone book that I’m desperately working to finish because it looks like the market is sort of swinging in that direction. I don’t want to miss out on a potential trend with an agent, so I’m finishing that book up first, then coming back to book two. Sorry to be lame…)

In other news, being sick meant I got to spend lots of time with my cats. Diddy (short for Sir Didymus) was my bodyguard for most of it, though Ludo got his fair share in as well. Diddy is a spastic dork most of the time, yet he can be quite loving when he chooses. He’s kind of like a dog in many ways. I mean, he even sleeps with the dogs:



People can’t seem to tell the different between Ludo and Diddy right away because they look really similar. They have slightly different colors, but until you actually see them next to each other and know them, it’s easy to get confused. Thus I’ve provided three handy ways to know how to tell the difference between Ludo and Diddy! So helpful, I know.

-Number One-

Ludo is super cute when he sleeps, usually curled up beneath a sunbeam:

Soft sunlight make for a happy kitteh.

Soft sunbeams make for a happy kitteh.

Then there’s Diddy:



-Number Two-

Ludo is inquisitive and sweet, even when a camera is shoved in his face.

What's that, Mom?

What’s that, Mom?

Diddy lacks a certain sophistication when it comes to his close-ups:



-Number Three-

Ludo is laid-back and easy-going:

How do you not love this cat?

How do you not love this cat?

Diddy is…well, Diddy:



*sigh* He may be a cute moron, but he’s a moron nonetheless. His cuteness has saved him on more than one occasion, particularly after he’s torn up yet ANOTHER roll of paper towels. But at least now if you ever get a chance to meet Ludo and Sir Didymus, you will be able to tell them apart. (Take notes, people, there will be a quiz.)

To make up for my complete lack of posting for the last month, I leave you with an adorable photo of a sleeping boxer/bulldog puppy.


You’re welcome.

My Labyrinth Pets

We have a new furry addition to our family. A couple from our church was looking for a good home for one of their kittens, so we ended up taking him. It’s funny, because he looks really similar to Ludo, my older cat, just miniature. I told Husband that Ludo got to be the deciding factor. (The poor boy is thirteen years old, after all. He should have some say in the matter.) Well, he still doesn’t care for the kitten, but Husband was already attached by that point. Thus Ludo has had to learn some patience. 

imagesAfter watching their tumultuous beginning, I decided to change the kitten’s name to Sir Didymus. Fellow geeks or ‘80’s lovers would recognize Ludo’s name as the giant monster from Labyrinth. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll remember Sir Didymus as the little fox terrier who happens to be the guardian of the bridge that leads out of the Bog of Eternal Stench. He’s fearless and stubborn, and at one point, giant Ludo tries to get past him only to be clobbered by the tiny fellow. 

That pretty much sums up my cat Ludo and the new kitten’s relationship perfectly.

The kitten usually thinks Ludo is trying to play. Just like his namesake, he’s fearless. When Ludo takes a swipe at him, the kitten tends to lunge back, causing Ludo to panic and run the other direction. It’s pretty hilarious, actually. I hope that their relationship will end up more like Ludo and Sir Didymus at the end of the movie, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.