When you have no words of comfort

I am so saddened to hear of the shooting in Connecticut. Whenever there is violence like this in any school is something horrific, but to see these children, these babies, cut down when they were so young brings absolute sorrow to my heart.

I am not one to cry easily. (Husband can attest to this.) But my eyes welled with tears as I watched the live coverage and they told of the doctors and nurses at the hospital, ready and waiting for patients who would never arrive. Ambulances drove away without flashing lights, unable to save the ones they came for. Parents returned to their homes, greeted by Christmas presents that will never be opened by their children. Teachers and students alike will have to walk back into those halls, once a safe place of learning, now a place of death. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters and hundreds more who will never see their loved ones again.

I truly cannot imagine the depth of such pain.

Families of Connecticut, you are in our thoughts during this horrible time. May the Lord bring comfort to your broken hearts.