My Go-To Movies/Character Profile

Things like THIS make my day! Excuse me, but I feel the need to go do a happy dance somewhere. *happy dance*

I was reading Nayu’s blog the other day, and she mentioned having a “go-to” movie for when she just wanted something familiar. You know, that one movie that’s your all-time favorite that you could watch over and over and never get sick of it. The movie that you can quote forwards and backwards that’s always the first one that you pop in when you’re sick on the couch. I think I have too many go-to movies to list entirely, but some of my top faves include The Patriot, Hellboy II, The Princess Bride, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The first two are obviously my action/drama picks, and the second two are my comic reliefs. It depends on what I’m in the mood for.

The Patriot was the first R-rated movie that I ever saw in the theater. (And yes, I was 17. I’m boring like that.) I went with my dad for a “father-daughter” date. I remember how heart-wrenching it was to watch, but how proud I felt of our country by the end. Honestly, I wish we as Americans could remember what our country was founded on and how many men and women gave their lives for our freedom. I think we tend to take it for granted nowadays. (Myself included.) But it’s a movie that stirs me even to this day, so I tend to watch it on a semi-frequent basis.

Seriously, love this movie. *nomnomnomnom*

Seriously, love this movie. *nomnomnomnom*

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
actually helped inspire Prince of Light. I fell in love with Prince Nuada (fangirl squee!), and his character was a big part of crafting Prince Celestyn. I like to think of Prince Celestyn as a mixture of Prince Nuada, Link from Legend of Zelda and Elrond from Lord of the Rings. I will watch Hellboy over and over just to see Prince Nuada fight. *wipes drool from keyboard* Ahem. Moving on.

The Princess Bride has been a family favorite of ours for as long as I can remember. I could probably quote the whole thing if I really tried. I’m still shocked at the number of people who haven’t seen it or even HEARD of it. They stare at me blankly when I cry out, “You killed my father – prepare to die!” It’s inconceivable. Really.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights is my all-time favorite Mel Brooks movie. Yes, it’s kinda dirty, but gosh-darn if it isn’t funny. I don’t like all Mel Brooks films. Some of them go too far for my taste. But as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing better than Robin Hood, Spaceballs, and Young Frankenstein when it comes to slapstick comedy.

So, since I’ve already mentioned Prince Celestyn once, we might as well make the next character profile his!

Character Name: Prince Celestyn (pronounced “SELL-uh-steen”)
Age: 648 years old
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: 6’, 170 lbs. Light skin, long white hair, pointed ears. As an elf, he is naturally graceful but he is also exceptionally strong from years of training.
Family: Father is King Branimir of the Realm of Lior. Younger brother is Prince Acanthus. His mother died when he was just a child, and his older brother, Prince Vladmyr, was killed roughly three centuries ago.
History: He never really got over his brother’s death, and it was the reason that he left the Realm of Lior. He and Vladmyr had just discovered and rescued Delanor when his brother was taken and brutally murdered. Consequently, Celestyn became a rogue and decided he wanted nothing to do with wearing the crown. After meeting Evanthe, however, he begins to realize that he is growing tired of being alone.
Any nicknames? Not many are that familiar with him, though Acanthus sometimes refers to him as “Cel” to remind him that he no longer really has a kingdom.
What kind of personality does this character have? Elves are quite aware of how powerful their presence is, and Prince Celestyn understands much in the ways of the world. Though he has been through many hellish circumstances in his lifetime, he carries himself with confidence and authority. Some may see him as brutal, but those close to him know that he is capable of kindness when he chooses.
Likes: Training, combat, forging swords, reading.
Dislikes: The Others, the Eagle tribe.
Greatest fear? In truth, he doesn’t really have any fears anymore. Vladmyr’s death took those away.
Favorite Color(s): Green.
Strengths: He is a master of the sword. He was trained by the greatest elven warriors when he and his brother were young, and has managed to learn multiple weapons over his lifetime. His natural speed and agility as an elf have served to make him virtually unstoppable in close-range battle. He also possesses the ability to control some elements.
Weaknesses: Pride and the inability to believe in the good in others. Years of war and hatred have hardened his heart.
What actor could you picture playing this character? No one at this time, sadly. Just please don’t let it be Orlando Bloom or Robert Pattinson. PLEASE.

Profiles and Geekery

Just for funsies, I bring you my first ever character profile, yay! Since Prince of Light is told from Evanthe’s point of view, I figured she would be a good starting point. I’d never really done one of these before, so I just yoinked a bunch of random questions from various character profile quizzes found on the interwebs. Yay for laziness creativity!

Character Name: Evanthe (pronounced “ee-VAHN-thay.”)
Meaning of name/why it was chosen: Well, originally her name was Ebony. No reason behind it or anything, I just liked the name. Then I was told by a few different people that Ebony sounded too modern for a medieval name, which I hadn’t really thought about. So I took a name that I’d actually given to another character, Evanthe, and gave it the main character instead. Thus she was reborn. Plus, Evanthe means “fair flower,” which really fit the character.
Age: 17 years old.
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: 5’ 1”. Very petite/small-boned. Blonde hair and brown eyes.
Family: Mother and father, no siblings.
History: She grew up as the daughter of a modestly wealthy lord and lady. Her upbringing may not have been exceptionally difficult, but the separation from her family wears on her more than she lets herself believe. She’s never been away from her parents for so long before, and it’s scary to her.
Any nicknames? Her good friend Hannah, often calls her “Evie.” Delanor refers to her as “Myfina.”
What kind of personality does this character have? She’s inquisitive, but honestly tries to be respectful. She doesn’t always like having to follow all of the rules, however, and sometimes that curiosity gets her into trouble.
Likes: She loves to read whenever she can. She also loves gardening, even though as the daughter of a lord that was something considered inappropriate. She usually found ways around the stuffiness of the rules and regulations, however.
Dislikes: Chores, mostly.
Greatest fear? Before coming to this world, she didn’t really have one. Now that she’s here, her greatest fear is that something will happen to those she has grown to love – especially if it’s something that she could have prevented.
Favorite Color(s): She tends to gravitate towards blues and greens.
Strengths: Her small stature often allows her to go unnoticed in dangerous situations. She also has a natural tendency to fit in well with others, even when they’re technically of a different nation/species. Because she treats them all the same, she quickly earns their respect.
Weaknesses: She small and weak when it comes to physical fighting, and she isn’t always as outspoken as she would like to be.AmandaSeyfriedNo
What actor/actress could you picture playing this character? Actually, I don’t really know of any particular actress for this character. Pretty much anyone but Amanda Seyfried. (Though I did just see Les Mis this weekend with my mother, and at least Amanda can sing. I’ll give her that much. But I still maintain the opinion that the only thing she’s really good at is opening her eyes wide and kissing her costars. And I hope she never reads this because she’s probably a super nice person in real life.) *ducks and hides from the hordes of Amanda fans*

Woohoo! That was fun. Might have to see if there are any other questions/trivia that I want to come up with for the next characters. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an Amazon gift card with my name on it, and I need to go buy a spiffy Zelda wallet. (Alas, my pirate one finally bit the dust.) Until we meet again.