This year I was finally able to take the plunge and participate in the Twitter Pitch Party called #PitMad. Basically, it’s a one-day opportunity for authors to pitch their books to agents who follow the thread. If the agent is interested, they’ll favorite your tweet and request further material.

I had heard of this event and saw others who were involved, but this was the first year that I finally had a complete manuscript to work with. So I decided to take part, because I had already been mulling over a few pitches in my head, and I figured this was a good way to see if an agent really would be interested in my standalone novel. I have to say, it was a really fun experience!

These are just a handful of the things I learned, plus some basic guidelines:

Make sure that your book is finished. I know that seems redundant, but treat this like you would a query letter to an agent. Don’t pitch an unfinished project.

Think about what you want to say ahead of time. Again, just like with a query letter, you want this to be polished to the best of your abilities. There’s a lot of competition out there, and the internet is forever, you know.

Look at the Twitter feeds of your favorite agents. They have really great advice and will often state exactly what they’re looking for in their next project.

Be professional. Don’t feel bad if no one favorites or retweets your posts, because the writing world is very subjective. Just because no one looked at this time around doesn’t mean that no one ever will.

Be courteous. There are rules in place for a reason, so don’t tweet your pitch every five minutes. It will only make everyone (and I do mean EVERYone) hate you. They generally suggest one tweet per hour, or six total, depending.

Make time in your day for this. Think of it as an online conference, if you will. Agents are taking time out of their busy schedules to check this out, so take time out of yours as well. Doesn’t have to be all day long, but be prepared to spend some time there.

Overall, I would highly recommend participating in something like #PitMad if you enjoy social media and are in the market for an agent. Honestly, even if no one shows interested in your project, it’s HUGELY helpful and eye-opening to see what other authors are writing and what agents are looking for specifically. I saw so many amazing pitches it nearly made my head spin. There is so much talent out there just waiting to be had! Plus I made some great connections with fellow writers and garnered a few more followers. People were so encouraging.

If I had to do it all over again, I would take my own advice and set aside a full day off of work for this. I thought I was pretty well prepared for it, but there were minor things that made me realize that I could have done better. Now I know.

Best of luck to the authors who did participate this year, and I hope someone walks away with a book deal! If you’re interested in participating in the future, the next PitMad is going to be on June 4th, 2015. See Brenda Drake’s post for even more information on it.

I’m looking forward to seeing who will show up next time!


So the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for me. I had to say goodbye to a precious friend, my sweet kitty Ludo. I’d had him nearly 9 years, which meant that he was pushing 15 in total.

It’s that decision that you never look forward to making.

I knew it was time. Poor guy was starting to having difficulty breathing, among other minor health issues. Even though I had braced myself, knowing it my heart that this was probably going to be my last year with him, I still felt the pain of his loss like a hammer to the chest. Two weeks later, I find myself tearing up when I come home and he isn’t at the door to greet me.

Thankfully I still have Diddy the Moron to keep me company. He’s not the same; no other cat ever will be. But he keeps the house from feeling too empty and lonely, and for that I am thankful.

I’ve had a hard time concentrating on anything, much less writing something creative. Thankfully, I’d finished the major rewrites of my standalone before this happened. I don’t think I could have made myself focus. I know that with loss comes grief. It’s a part of life, and something that we as humans need to accept. I’m trying to allow myself the time I need to grieve. I honestly didn’t realize how hard this was going to be for me.

But I will get through this, one day at a time. Though I miss my sweet cat so very much, I am thankful for the many years we shared together. He was my buddy during my “bachelorette” days, my companion when I was sick, and my often-needed comic relief.

Rest in peace, dear friend.