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I haven’t forgotten you, dear friends/followers, I promise. The Precious, er, I mean my laptop managed to get a virus roughly two weeks ago, and I’ve been waiting from the local computer store in my small town to finish wiping it. Nasty viruses, always stealing what isn’t theirs, Precious…

We are not amused.

We are not amused.

Anyway, my beloved laptop is finally back up and running, thank heavens. Now it’s just a matter of re-downloading all my programs, like Word and Photoshop. And my useless anti-virus software. And about a billion pictures, music files and other miscellaneous things that have been crammed onto a USB drive. Yeah, it’s going to take a while. A looooong while.

In the meanwhile, with any luck I’ll be fully back up and running within the week. Woot!


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