The Hobbit

So I’m on this Hobbit kick lately, which is slowly growing to…what’s that look for? Just because I have a Lord of the Rings collection, an elf fetish and soft spot for giant fire-breathing dragons doesn’t mean that I’m a total…oh, who am I kidding. I’m a geek and a fangirl and proud of it, dagnabbit. And yes, despite the fact that the movies strayed so far from the books, I’ve enjoyed The Hobbit so much that I actually changed my wallpaper and theme for my laptop from The Legend of Zelda. You may not think that’s a very big deal, but I’ve had LoZ as the theme for the past 6-7 years or so. It changes as updates each time the newest Zelda game is released, but still. New computer, same old theme. It only changed one other time several years back, and that was to LotR. And it really didn’t last that long anyway.

Not since the days of Prince Nuada have I instantly fallen in love with a character so easily. That's saying something. (Don't worry, Nuada, there's still room for you in my heart.)

Not since the days of Prince Nuada have I instantly fallen in love with a character so easily. That’s saying something. (Don’t worry, Nuada, there’s still room for you in my heart.)

Thanks to Thranduil the movie, I now have a reason to change it for an extended amount of time. Yes, my love of all things elf has been sparked once again. Come on, are you really surprised that Thranduil was my favorite character from the two Hobbit movies? Not really, right? (Though I’ll warn you now, whatever you do, DON’T GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH SPECIFIC CHARACTER NAMES. Sweet cracker sandwich, the fanart some people come up with…my eyes are bleeding just thinking about it. All I wanted was some stinking backgrounds for my laptop, not nekkid reimaginings of some of the most beloved characters ever created. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Dragons are made of win.

Dragons are made of win.

Anywho, my friend and fellow fangirl, the one who made those amazing cookies for my birfday, has been re-watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy with her mother as of late. (We had just watched the newest Hobbit movie together, and while she loved Thranduil as well, I think she was more smitten with Smaug. Though I daresay that’s mainly because of the actor who voiced him rather than the dragon himself.) Anyway, they’ve been watching the original LotR movies together, and her sweet, naïve little mother, who I love just as dearly as my own mom, keeps asking, “Where’s the dragon? Isn’t there a dragon in this?” Every time I see my friend with a new post about it on Facebook, I start laughing. The latest post was as follows:

“Still watching LotR. On the second half of Return of the King.
Mom: Is THIS where the dragon is?

She does go on to mention that she still loves her mother, no matter what. I don’t think poor mom could quite grasp how the new movies could be taking place in a different location in the same world, but have events that happened before the older movies. Yeah. Just try to explain it. It’ll make your head spin.

Honestly, it seems almost cruel to tell her WHY the dragon can’t be in the Lord of the Rings. I’m not looking forward to that part in the upcoming movie, even though I know it has to happen. *sniffle* I’ve always liked Smaug. Even if he does have a funny-sounding name. It shall be a sad, sad day.

EDIT TO ADD: I just found out something else that bothers poor mom about LotR. She apparently keeps asking, “Why do the elves have grass? Who is mowing that grass?” Hmm. Now that you mention it, I don’t really know. Maybe that’s what they do in their spare time…?

Kindle Countdown Deal

The downside to being sick is that…well, you’re sick. The bright side (if you’re an author) is that you have lots of time to write and edit and review. So, whilst I was hacking up a lung this last week, I prepared for a promotion on book one. Prince of Light is available in e-book format for just $.99 for the next two days! Price goes up from there to $1.99, so grab it while it’s still cheap.

Check it out!

I’m so excited to share Evanthe’s story, and I’m really pounding away at book two. Believe me, the extra time for rewrites will make it a much better story in the long run. (Oh, Plot Holes, how I despise thee…)

Just to get you a little more excited, I’ve got another character profile. Even though it’s been, like, forever since I posted one. You were just chomping at the bit, right?

Character Profile #3:

Tak Sakaguchi as Yashamaru in Shinobi. I tried to find a better pic, but Google can only take you so far, I guess.

Tak Sakaguchi as Yashamaru in Shinobi. I tried to find a better pic, but Google can only take you so far, I guess.

Name: Delanor
Age: Unknown, but has served Prince Celestyn for nearly three centuries.
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: 5’ 11”, 170 lbs. Shoulder-length, straight black hair, golden eyes, gray-blue skin.
Family: Unknown at this point.
History: Was rescued in by Prince Celestyn when he was very young. He was discovered alone in a village, where he was horribly abused because they feared his powers. He has kept to himself for many centuries, until the arrival of Evanthe made him discover a first real friend.
Any nicknames? The members of the Revenant often refer to him as “Snake-mage” because of his unique features and abilities.
What kind of personality does this character have? He’s an introvert, but very loyal. He is devoted to Prince Celestyn, especially since the death of Prince Vladmyr. Not even his feelings for Evanthe can make him sway from his vow to serve.
Likes: Enjoys training for battle and reading/studying.
Dislikes: Confined spaces.
Greatest fear? That Prince Celestyn might be killed in the same brutal fashion as his brother. A servant with no master has no real home.
Favorite Color(s): Doesn’t have a particular favorite, though his robes are usually dark shades of green, blue and red.
Strengths: Is actually a brilliant tactician when it comes to battle strategy. Is capable of controlling all of the elements and is a master of hand-to-hand combat. Also deadly fighting with a staff.
Weaknesses: He doesn’t allow himself to open up to others. While that has saved him some heartache, it has given him a lifetime of loneliness as well. Evanthe is the first person that he’s ever trusted, apart from Prince Celestyn.
What actor could you picture playing this character? It may come as another surprise to people but I always pictured Delanor with Asian features. I could always imagine Tak Sakaguchi (a Japanese martial artist and actor) playing the part of Delanor, especially after I saw him in the movie Shinobi. With that costume and hair, he could be Delanor easily.