Ode to a Skunk

Asleep was I, a slumber sweet,
With nary a need for defenses.
When suddenly, out from the blue,
Came an assault upon my senses.
“What evil is this?” cried I in disgust,
“And where did they get a dead body?”
No, ‘twas but a skunk trespassing along,
discovered by my own doggie.

Dear Husband was brave and stood at his ground,
Chasing away the foul vermin.
Alas not before the stench filled the house,
Including the room his wife stirred in.
“Tomato juice, quickly!” He moved with great haste,
Desperate to stamp out the smell.
For, as we all know, when it comes to a skunk
Only passing of time makes things well.
Imagine, dear reader, my shocking distress,
That the smell to which I was adverse,
Had followed me all the way to my workplace
And even was found my purse.

So run, little skunk, run as far as you can,
Lest you receive more than a sonnet
For ever should you come ‘round again,
I’ve got a .22 with your name on it.


Author’s Note: No actual skunks were harmed in the creation of this poem. Just FYI.