50th Post!

Woohoo! This is officially my 50th post. Quite the accomplishment, I think.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to celebrate, because the lovely T.J. (who let me be a guest on her blog earlier this month) is hosting a giveaway for Prince of Light. Seems to be fitting, don’t you think? The winner(s) will have their choice of either an e-copy or paperback.

Details and entry form here.

I’m really excited for the paperback version to be finally available. It’s pretty sweet, if I do say so myself, though I might be a *tad* biased. You can read more about Prince of Light here at Amazon. Join me in the celebrating, will ya? A party’s no fun by yourself!


Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Boy, this book just jumped in right from the get-go. I can see why some people didn’t like it as well as the first. I even had a hard time remembering who was who, and I was fortunate enough to go pretty much straight from book one to book two. If it had been a year or so in between the two, like it was for some of my friends, it would’ve been a lot harder for me to get back into. That being said, I did appreciate that the author just picked up right where she left off.

The writing was still intense, though it didn’t pack quite the same punch that the first one did. There were a few times in this book that I really wanted to shake Tris out of her funk, but given what she’d experienced, it did seem a realistic reaction. It was just hard to see Tobias endure as much as he did, knowing how he cared for her. She seemed far more selfish in this book, which made it hard to empathize with at times.

Still, the storyline was awesome and the plot has really taken a new turn. I am still eagerly awaiting book three in the series.

I Suppose It’s Been a While…

My apologies for not posting for…um, well, never mind how long. Life decided to get really busy just for funsies. So, since I don’t quite have enough time to write a full post myself, I share with you instead a guest post that I wrote a little over a week ago for the extremely talented (and really nice!) T.J. There will also be an upcoming giveaway for Prince of Light on her blog, so make sure you keep checking it out!

Yes, it makes my heart flutter!

Yes, it makes my heart flutter!

I’m getting reeeeeally close to having print copies available. In fact, my first proof just arrived in the mail today! *squee* Chances are good there’ll be a few errors, but I’m optimistic to say the least. Thanks to the awesome find of Book Design Templates, formatting wasn’t nearly as difficult as it could’ve been. The text needs a *little* bit of work on the inside, but it should be a fairly simple fix. Now I’m off to get more formatting done! Yay!