Why I’ll Never Look at Captain Aizen the Same Ever Again

I’m enthralled with the series Bleach once more – by far one of the best mangas ever – when Husband comes up behind me to see what I’m reading.

Husband: What is that?
Me: Bleach. It’s a really good series.
Husband: (pointing to Captain Aizen) Dude, it’s got Michael Jackson in it.
Me: (snatching book away) He does not look…like…*blink blink*……Omg.

Uncanny. Really.

Uncanny. Really.

And thus another character has been ruined for me. Okay, seriously people? This is why you should not tell me these things. I was enjoying this book. And now all I can picture is Aizen in a hat and tight pants moonwalking across the platform he’s always standing on. Not exactly the most frightening evil villain out there. (Although that would actually be a pretty awesome fan drawing. Someone whip up a picture of Aizen dressed like MJ for me, okay?)

This isn’t the first time I’ve been a casualty to such cruelty. I used to think that Ioan Gruffudd was pretty smokin’ hot until a friend pointed out that he looked like my co-worker’s teenage son. Then I felt like a pervy old woman. *shudder* I still haven’t gotten over that one. I know I’m not alone. Just think back – you’re captivated by a certain character or TV show or song, and someone comes along and ruins it for you, snatching your innocence like the evil tormenters that they are. From that point on, you’re scarred for life and can’t think of anything but that parody or comparison. (That’s right, I’m looking at you Tim Hawkins. I blame you for every funeral that I have sit through that plays “I Can Only Imagine.” Tears are flowing all around me, and I’m the only one holding back peals of laughter while “I Can Only Eat Margerine” is running through my brain.)

Thankfully in this case, Aizen wasn’t really one of my favorite characters. In fact, I’ve always been rather meh about him. Now, if Husband had somehow managed to ruin Byakuya for me…well, then there would be blood. So, if you’d like to be ruined for “I Can Only Imagine” as well, you can check out the video. You’re welcome.

(And yes, you need to go buy Tim Hawkins’ DVDs. All of them. Right now. He is hysterically funny and family friendly and you flat-out need to watch him. Go check out more of his Youtube clips if you still need convincing. Just make sure you’ve already gone to the bathroom before you do.)

Profiles and Geekery

Just for funsies, I bring you my first ever character profile, yay! Since Prince of Light is told from Evanthe’s point of view, I figured she would be a good starting point. I’d never really done one of these before, so I just yoinked a bunch of random questions from various character profile quizzes found on the interwebs. Yay for laziness creativity!

Character Name: Evanthe (pronounced “ee-VAHN-thay.”)
Meaning of name/why it was chosen: Well, originally her name was Ebony. No reason behind it or anything, I just liked the name. Then I was told by a few different people that Ebony sounded too modern for a medieval name, which I hadn’t really thought about. So I took a name that I’d actually given to another character, Evanthe, and gave it the main character instead. Thus she was reborn. Plus, Evanthe means “fair flower,” which really fit the character.
Age: 17 years old.
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: 5’ 1”. Very petite/small-boned. Blonde hair and brown eyes.
Family: Mother and father, no siblings.
History: She grew up as the daughter of a modestly wealthy lord and lady. Her upbringing may not have been exceptionally difficult, but the separation from her family wears on her more than she lets herself believe. She’s never been away from her parents for so long before, and it’s scary to her.
Any nicknames? Her good friend Hannah, often calls her “Evie.” Delanor refers to her as “Myfina.”
What kind of personality does this character have? She’s inquisitive, but honestly tries to be respectful. She doesn’t always like having to follow all of the rules, however, and sometimes that curiosity gets her into trouble.
Likes: She loves to read whenever she can. She also loves gardening, even though as the daughter of a lord that was something considered inappropriate. She usually found ways around the stuffiness of the rules and regulations, however.
Dislikes: Chores, mostly.
Greatest fear? Before coming to this world, she didn’t really have one. Now that she’s here, her greatest fear is that something will happen to those she has grown to love – especially if it’s something that she could have prevented.
Favorite Color(s): She tends to gravitate towards blues and greens.
Strengths: Her small stature often allows her to go unnoticed in dangerous situations. She also has a natural tendency to fit in well with others, even when they’re technically of a different nation/species. Because she treats them all the same, she quickly earns their respect.
Weaknesses: She small and weak when it comes to physical fighting, and she isn’t always as outspoken as she would like to be.AmandaSeyfriedNo
What actor/actress could you picture playing this character? Actually, I don’t really know of any particular actress for this character. Pretty much anyone but Amanda Seyfried. (Though I did just see Les Mis this weekend with my mother, and at least Amanda can sing. I’ll give her that much. But I still maintain the opinion that the only thing she’s really good at is opening her eyes wide and kissing her costars. And I hope she never reads this because she’s probably a super nice person in real life.) *ducks and hides from the hordes of Amanda fans*

Woohoo! That was fun. Might have to see if there are any other questions/trivia that I want to come up with for the next characters. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an Amazon gift card with my name on it, and I need to go buy a spiffy Zelda wallet. (Alas, my pirate one finally bit the dust.) Until we meet again.

First ever blog interview!

I am super excited! I just finished my first ever blog interview with the lovely Ardyth DeBruyn. She was a HUGE help to me in the final stages of Prince of Light. She did a line-by-line edit and had some really great suggestions for the flow of the storyline. In fact, if you like the first chapter you can mainly thank her. She suggested a rewrite that put the characters in the action right at that moment, since the first time around I had it more passive. She was right, it really made the first chapter pop.

Check it out here and see what made me start writing in the first place. Besides the fact that I love it, of course.

I’ve got one other blog interview set in motion that I’ll be sure to post later. Boy, I feel famous already! 🙂


Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing. That’s the first word that pops into my head after finishing “Divergent.” Followed closely by heartbreaking, action-packed and incredible.

This was one of the books that I’d heard so much about. In fact, it had been mentioned to me so many times that I was sick of hearing about it. I ignored it for a while, then I saw it for a good price at a Barnes and Noble. I figured what the heck. I would see what all of the fuss was about.

Two chapters into it, and I couldn’t put it down.

I devoured this story in a matter of days. It brought about such a conflict of emotions. Half of the time, I didn’t know whether to admonish Tris for her pride or praise her for her bravery. She was a flawed heroine, but a strong one. I admired her for that. The plot was fast-paced and character driven and kept me riveted until the end.

Four was probably my favorite character. I loved his quiet strength and back story. I enjoyed watching his and Tris’s relationship develop. Yes, my heart was ripped to shreds at times. No, it won’t be for everyone. But my only regret was that I didn’t pick up book two when I bought book one. Altogether a fantastic read.

It’s Official!

Sorry to everyone who might have this cross-posted, but I’m so excited I can barely contain it! My book is officially available through Amazon. (As you can see by my lovely banner and sidebar. Overkill? Maybe.)



It’s thrilling to finally start living the dream. I’ve wanted to be a published author for years now. I’m roughly ten chapters into book two, which is a good start. My goal is to have that out sometime this year (2013).

What I’d like to do over the next few weeks or even months is do a profile for some of the main characters of the book. I guess it will partially depend on whether or not it garners any interest, but it would be fun for me! (And that’s all that really counts, right? Right?)

We had a great time down in California, as I mentioned in my earlier post. It’s really beautiful down there.

Bye, Mt. Shasta! It's been real.

Bye, Mt. Shasta! It’s been real.

I think driving by Mt. Shasta was one of the highlights for me. I had no idea it was so HUGE. But so pretty. I have a weakness for mountain ranges. I grew up just a matter of hours from the Cascades, so I always got to have them for a backdrop for road trips. I love them.

We even got to go to the coast!

Half Moon Bay lit up by the sunrise.

Half Moon Bay lit up by the sunrise.

We stayed at Half Moon Bay overnight, and it was simply gorgeous. I would love to go back. I sort of have a weakness for the beach, too. We often vacationed on the Oregon coastline as a family, so I was spoiled by that, too. This is only the third time I’ve been to the CA coast, though. I have yet to see a beach that I haven’t liked!

The coolest thing about my time off was being able to get my book online, by far. Yes, I enjoyed seeing family and meeting Husband’s friends, yes I enjoyed the beautiful drive and all the scenery, but having the chance to fulfill my dream was the best part. So what are you waiting for? If you like young adult medieval fantasies, go check it out! Heck, if you just like fantasy in general, go check it out. (I’m shameless, really. Shameless!)