Gotta love time off

Just a quick post, as we’ve been traveling around the burg of Sacramento for the last few days. I’d never been down here before. (Because I’m kind of a hermit like that, hehe.) Actually, I’d just never had a reason to come down before, but Husband has lots of family/friends here, since it’s where he grew up. Makes me really glad, because if I had to be the one driving in this traffic, you’d better believe there would be bloodshed. No way do I have the patience for this. He maneuvers through the lanes with a precision that can only come from years of experience. And probably lots of language.

But, all that aside, it is absolutely lovely down here and I can see why it draws so many people to it. The views around the outskirts of the city are spectacular. So many oak trees and lush greenery. Really beautiful. Oregon will always be my home, but I will happily travel down here to visit. Seeing the Sierra Nevadas and Mt. Shasta…I just love it. And overall, Sacramento is a pretty cool city.

The best part of this vacation? Having at least two days to work on my book. That’s right. I might just be able to get this puppy up and running by either this week or next at the latest. I’m thrilled, truly. In fact, now I feel the need to go work on it some more. Oh, the excitement!