A Lesson Learned

Aw, man. I’ve just now gone back through some of my older entries and realized that my pictures aren’t showing up. That would be thanks to Fotki. (Fotki is a photo-hosting site, for those who aren’t familiar with them. I can no longer say that I recommend them.) You see, I was informed by a very good friend who shared a Fotki account with me that they were changing the rules. (Seriously. Don’t they realize that all major decisions for my pictures need to be run by me first? The nerve.) Anyway, they were now going to be charging an extra arm and a leg to host pictures in their original file sizes, and if you didn’t chop off your appendages to pay for them, then all of your photos would be reduced to tiny file sizes. With no way to change them back, ever.

Said friend was kind enough to inform me of this in advance, so that I could get all of my original pictures downloaded to my computer and thus save them from being shrunk down to itty-bitty pieces of crapola. “Right!” I thought. “I’ll make sure to do that.”

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I finally sat myself down a couple of weeks later and mentally prepared myself for the monumental task that I was about to undertake. And I’m not exaggerating. We’re talking over five years or more of family vacation photos, wallpapers, Photoshop photos, schoolwork, art, etc. that needed to be downloaded to my computer. One. By. One. I went to Fotki and began to look through a few files. To my utter dismay, I had missed the deadline and would have to pay actual cash money to get my original files. I stared at the computer as though it might somehow magically give me a way to fix my error.


Computer remained silent.


Still silent.


Well, so be it. Technically I still have the pictures, which I suppose I should be grateful for, but if I want any originals I have to pray that I saved the important ones to my USB drive as backup. What I didn’t think about was the fact that my blog was already hosting several of these photos and they were no longer going to show up.

Blasted Fotki and their dastardly schemes for more moolah. I refuse to give into them. Refuse! But in the meanwhile, I think I’ll be fixing a few blog entries for the next several many days. Or weeks. Please ignore the ugly until then…